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Every day my list of supporters, who want a class room teacher representing District 14, is growing.

If you think:
— there is too much testing in public schools;
— that local teachers, subject area experts and community business leaders should be determining our students education standards;
— that the permanent school fund should be managed with the highest ethical and fiscal standards; and
— that your child’s classroom should be managed by parents, principles and classroom teachers and not micromanaged by politicians and Austin bureaucrats;

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As a 36 year veteran of Texas classrooms I want to bring the message of less testing, better classroom education standards, ethical and fiscally responsible management of the Permanent School Fund and putting parents and teacher back in control of Texas classrooms, to the State Board of Education for District 14.

Help me spread the message by clicking on the donate button. All donations large and small are appreciated and will help bring classroom experience back to the State Board of Education.

Contact the Campaign
District 14 encompasses 22 counties and more the one and half million Texans. As my campaign continues to gain momentum I will need volunteers from around the district to help me coordinate campaign actives like block walking and phone banking to make sure that District 14 voters know who to vote for in the upcoming primary. If you are interested in personally helping me bring classroom room experience back to the State Board of Education please visit my contact page and sent me an e-mail directly. I would love to hear from and discuss how your help can make the campaign a success.